Introducing the Woodhouse Mask Relief Facial

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If you’ve been noticing more blemishes and acne popping up around the lower half of your face, you’re not alone! You may be experiencing what’s known as “maskne” or mask acne. But don’t worry, Woodhouse Day Spa is here to tell you all about it and introduce our new treatment that will help specifically target any maskne you’re experiencing!


What is Maskne?


Maskne, or mask acne, is the formation of acne or irritation that arise from wearing a mask. At the points of contact between your face and your mask, sweat and oil can get trapped there and form annoying blemishes. The combination of sweat, oil, and moisture from breathing under a mask can clog pores, and friction from contact with moist skin can cause the skin to break down and cause chafing and pimples around the mouth, cheeks, and jawline. If you wear a mask at work, you may especially notice this, as you’re probably wearing your mask for longer periods of time, increasing the chance for maskne.


If maskne is now a part of your life, there’s a few things you can do to give your face the best care.


1. Take Care of Your Masks


Taking care of your maskne actually starts with taking care of your masks! Dermatologists recommend choosing 100% cotton masks for the best balance between breathability and protection. You should also wash your masks frequently. With all the sweating and natural oil production that our skin goes through, you don’t want to keep reapplying that to your face through your mask.


2. Simplify Your Skincare


Between working and schooling from home and the hot summer days, it’s the perfect chance to give your skin a break. Stick to a more simple skincare routine and take a break from a full-face of makeup if you can! When you’re done wearing masks for the day, especially if your face has been sweating, use a gentle micellar water or cleanser to wipe off the sweat and oil. Follow up with moisturizer or your nightly routine.


3. Book a Mask Relief Facial at Woodhouse


That’s right! Woodhouse Day Spa has created a facial treatment specifically to target the redness, irritation and acne that you get from wearing a mask. The Woodhouse Mask Relief Facial is designed as a deep cleansing and extraction based facial that helps to clear and balance your skin from the effects of wearing a facial mask or facial covering. The 50 minute service includes:

  • Gentle exfoliation

  • Decongestion of the skin through extractions

  • Deep-cleansing clay mask

  • Cleaning and corrective mask application to soothe behind the ears

  • Lightweight moisturizer

  • Spot treatment for active pimples

  • Instructions for post-treatment home care

Don’t let the stress of maskne add to your plate! Come in to Woodhouse Day Spa for your Mask Relief Facial and emerge relaxed, renewed, and rejuvenated!

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