Best Facials in Charleston

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Facials are a classic spa service, and they make up a large part of spa service purchases in America. If you’re a skin treatment pro, you’ll be familiar with the rejuvenation and glow that comes from a luxurious facial. If not, you might imagine sitting with moisturizers and serums on your skin and cucumbers over your eyes. Whatever your image of facials are, they actually have an incredible amount of benefits for your skin, and you can find a service to treat your individual skincare concerns.

At Woodhouse Day Spa, we take a holistic approach to attaining beauty. We combine natural and certified organic ingredients with breakthrough advanced skincare to give you the best services possible. In addition to treating your skin to exceptional care, our skincare experts can recommend the proper home care program to help you maintain your skin’s health and youthful appearance.

Woodhouse Day Spa offers a variety of facial treatments, all of which will leave your skin healthy and glowing. Here are 5 of the best facials you can find in Charleston, all with the signature luxurious experience you expect from the best day spa in the Holy City.

The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti Facial

The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti Facial is our award-winning facial that incorporates local products to help rebalance skin and defy the effects of aging. The facial combines organic seaweed with a unique and original massage technique throughout the facial to give your skin deep hydration and nourishment. The facial also incorporates cutting edge exfoliation using an integrated blend of AHAs to establish and maintain your skin’s ideal PH balance. The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti Facial is a great option for all skin types, and you’ll see the most results with a series of 3 or 6 facials.

The Woodhouse HydraFacial

If you’re looking for an ultimate facial experience to treat all of your skin concerns, the Woodhouse HydraFacial is the best option. The Woodhouse HydraFacial skin treatment is a hydradermabrasion procedure that gives you better-looking skin in just 4 steps. The procedure uses the best of resurfacing and fusion technology integrated with super-charged serums to cleanse, extract, and hydrate your skin all in 30 minutes. Unlike other hydradermabrasion treatments, the Woodhouse HydraFacial is perfect for all skin types and delivers clear skin without discomfort or downtime. The non-invasive treatment infuses your skin with glycolic and salicylic acid to exfoliate, then follows that up with deep nourishment using antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Illuminating Facial

The Illuminating Facial is the best facial for Charleston summers. The corrective and active facial is created to reverse the signs of premature aging and sun damage. Erase the effects of the Lowcountry sun with this results-oriented facial. The Illuminating Facial treatment includes a two-layer peel and two masks to reveal a brighter, vibrant and more refined complexion, especially targeting lightening and hyper-pigmentation.

Soothe and Strengthen Facial

The Soothe and Strengthen Facial is another great option for many skin types. You’ll receive a gently corrective treatment that minimizes inflammation and redness, while strengthening capillaries, reducing puffiness and improving your skin’s texture. The Soothe and Strengthen Facial will return the glow and smoothness of your face while strengthening your skin for long-lasting benefits.

The Woodhouse Discovery Facial

If you’re new to spa skin treatments, Woodhouse Day Spa also has the best facial for you! The Woodhouse Discovery Facial is a great first facial treatment. During your treatment, our professional estheticians will perform an in-depth analysis of your skin. After the 20-minute detailed skin assessment, you’ll receive a 30-minute introductory facial that will help you achieve your individual skincare goals. The Woodhouse Discovery Facial is a perfect step towards healthy, vibrant skin.

Whatever your skincare needs are, you can be sure to find the best facials in Charleston at Woodhouse Day Spa. Book yourself some dedicated relaxation type and emerge rejuvenated and refreshed!

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