The Most Relaxing Holiday Gifts 2019

| by Kim Powell, under Inspiration
Your Guide to the Most Relaxing Gifts of the Season

Let’s talk holidays. The holiday season is a delightful time of year filled with family, friends, and food. It also means it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for that special someone, your mother, your father, and everyone else in between! With all of the fun comes all of the stress the holidays can bring- uh oh. We all need to find ways to decompress. 


Luckily Charleston’s premier day spa, Woodhouse Day Spa, has you covered on this season’s most relaxing gifts you can give to the busy entrepreneur, your favorite soccer mom who never gets down time, or even yourself, if you need an extra pick me up. Let’s dive in!


We can all appreciate time alone to stop, reflect, and listen to what our body is telling us. Owner of Woodhouse Day Spa Charleston, Kim Powell, has developed a line of luxury meditation candles to help you achieve inner harmony!



Each candle is formulated with scents to draw you in and set intention to your morning, day and evening by creating a reflective experience in your home or office. They are labeled as RISE, RADIATE and REST. Depending on the time of day, light the designated candle, read the attached mantra and take a few moments to disconnect with deep breaths. Kim's goal is to make meditation for the busy person more systematic.


Sometimes it’s the little things in life that give us the most pleasure and sometimes it’s an essential oil diffuser! 



Let the Serene House Diamond essential oil diffuser spirit your troubles away with it’s soothing lights and essential oil of your choosing. We love eucalyptus oil to clear the sinuses! Set your run time for 60, 90, or 120 minutes and and fall into a state of bliss. The Serene House Diamond essential oil diffuser retails for $45.00 USD. 


Lounge around the hearth with loved ones during the holidays in UGG’s Marlow Robe. Give the gift of warmth this year!



UGG’s super soft double-face fleece robe features hidden side pockets to warm your hands and a belt to secure the robe around your waist. Let yourself melt into this robe coupled with your favorite pair of slippers. The Marlow Robe retails for $145.00 USD and comes in 6 rich colors.  


Tired eyes from late night gift wrapping sessions? Sleep in a little longer the next morning by blocking the sun with the Sleepy Cottage Eye Mask.




Take the mask’s advice and only wake up for bubbles. This Texan made, satin eye mask features pink and white embroidery and an elastic strap to get that perfect fit. The mask also comes with its own travel bag! Add on a cooling gel insert and earplugs for a self care experience like no other! This eye mask retails for $18.00 USD. Discounts are also available for group purchases!


Let’s round out this round up with a product found in nature! From Press Pause Project comes the Pause Tincture, a full spectrum CBD oil formulated to dispel anxiety, induce sleep, and reduce internal inflammation. 



The “Queen” of their product line, this smooth, minty CBD oil will have you feeling like the Queen you are! This product meets the highest standards in the realm of cannabinoids with 500 mg of Full Spectrum CBD and terpenes for maximum effectiveness. With the included dropper, Press Pause Project makes it easy to customize a dosage that’s just right for you and your body. The company recommends starting with 3-5 drops each day and adjusting as needed. Their 500 mg oil retails for $74.99 USD. 


The holidays don’t have to be all stress and no play. With these curated products, you’re sure to breeze through the season stress free! Stop by Charleston’s most luxurious spa today to check out these products and learn more about the benefits behind them. From the team at Woodhouse Day Spa Charleston, we wish you a happy holiday!

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